Game On! - Tatton Lib Dems Welcome The Snap Election


People in Tatton should vote for the Liberal Democrats to prevent a hard Brexit and protect the local economy, the party’s local Chair has said today.

The Liberal Democrats are standing on a clear platform to prevent a hard Brexit by staying in the Single Market, and to give the British people the final say on the Brexit deal through a referendum.

Tatton Lib Dem Chair Gareth Wilson commented:

“This election is a huge opportunity for voters in Tatton to change the direction of our country and prevent a disastrous hard Brexit.

“People in Tatton voted decisively to remain in the EU, and certainly did not vote for the extreme form of Brexit that Theresa May has imposed on us after being backed by Labour.

“For all those who want to protect our local economy by staying in the Single Market and ensure the people have the final say over what comes next, this is your chance.

On George Osborne's decision not to stand, Gareth said:

"I'm delighted the George Osborne has decided not to stand in the upcoming election, although frankly I'm disappointed that it was only the threat of being challenged in an election that made him stand down. Being the Editor of a major British newspaper while being an MP was a national scandal and I doubt even he could have stood the public scrutiny a general election campaign would have brought on the matter"

"We look forward to finding out who the Tories stand as a candidate, no doubt it will be another parachuted politician from outside the constituency with no links to the community."
VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

Cheshire East NHS Trust are planning to impose parking charges on visitors to Knutsford Community Hospital from April 2015. The hospital is used by many residents with chronic health conditions that require regular tests, meaning some people could pay large amounts in parking charges over the year. It amounts to a tax for being ill. Furthermore, all revenue from fines imposed goes to ParkingEye, the contractor managing the site, not the hospital.