EU Referendum - Events In Your Area


The Tatton local team are focusing all our efforts on supporting the Lib Dem national 'InTogether' campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. The date for the referendum is Thursday June 23rd, giving us 40 days to campaign in the constituency.


How Close Will The Referendum Be?

In short - very close indeed. Polls show that 'Remain' has a slender lead, but this completely evaporates once turnout is taken into account. This is because in general 'Leave' voters are older and highly motivated to vote. 'Remain' voters tend to be younger and younger people on average vote less than older people.

As a result we are looking at a situation where the majority want to remain in the EU, but end up leaving because many thousands of people inclined to remain don't vote. 


"It's essential those who want to remain in the Europe Union vote, or we'll sleep walk into leaving."


The Tatton Lib Dems will be putting forward a positive, inspirational view of EU membership. The Conservative campaign has already got extremely negative on both sides, the Lib Dems are the party best placed to inject greatly needed positivity and enthusiasm for being in Europe into the campaign.


Planned Local Events


This Saturday 14th May 11am-4pm
Street Stall - Grove Street, Wilmslow (Outside Barclays)
Join us at our #INtogether street stall to hand out stickers, balloons and leaflets as well as encouraging people to vote to remain in Europe! Please pop over to say hello if you can - for anyone who'd like to help out we have policy booklets on the key EU facts and (while stocks last) some fetching 'InTogether' t shirts to keep while handing out leaflets. If you're willing and available help, whatever time you can spare would be fantastic. Please email to let us know you're coming.


21st May 11am-4pm
Street Stall - Wilmslow Artisan Market, Grove Street, Wilmslow
We'll be repeating our street stall for the Wilmslow Artisan Market. Again any volunteers for any length of time would be greatly appreciated.


10th June 7pm
The EU Debate - Knutsford Academy
In conjunction with the Knutsford Guardian the Tatton Lib Dems have organised a Question Time style debate at Knutsford Academy. Confirmed speakers so far are the excellent Chris Davies, former North West MEP for the Lib Dems and Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader of UKIP. With those guests alone it promises to be an fiesty evening! More details nearer the date.


18th June 11am-4pm
Street Stall - Knutsford Town Centre
Precise location to be agreed nearer to the date. Again please join us to help or pop over to say hello.


Throughout May and June - Leaflet Delivery & Door Canvassing
We plan to produce a small booklet that puts a positive case for being in the EU, really focusing on 'what the EU has done' for the Tatton constituency. If you would like to get involved in this effort please contact

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