How the EU Supports Tatton's Businesses & Services

The European Union supports and promotes some of the most important companies and development in this constituency.  Below are just three examples of 'what the EU has done for Tatton'



Jodrell Bank's scientific research strongly benefits from EU grants - and the Regional Development Fund paid for the new Planet and Space Pavillion that attracts over 150,000 visitors a year.




AstraZeneca, who employ 3000 people in Alderley & Macclesfield say they need "unrestricted access to the single market of 500 million people, leaving the EU would deter investment and threaten jobs".



Championed by Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate Gareth Wilson, has linked thousands of rural households across Tatton to superfast broadband through EU funding.



Find out how EU Membership benefits the whole of the North West at:



VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

Cheshire East NHS Trust are planning to impose parking charges on visitors to Knutsford Community Hospital from April 2015. The hospital is used by many residents with chronic health conditions that require regular tests, meaning some people could pay large amounts in parking charges over the year. It amounts to a tax for being ill. Furthermore, all revenue from fines imposed goes to ParkingEye, the contractor managing the site, not the hospital.