Osborne - RESIGN. Sign Our Petition


The Tatton Liberal Democrats are staggered that George Osborne believes he can be an effective MP whilst being the editor of major newspaper and should resign as MP for Tatton when he takes the role.

Gareth Wilson, Chair of the Tatton Liberal Democrats and Parliamentary Spokesperson said yesterday:

"George Osborne is showing breathtaking disrespect to the people of Tatton by taking this role, on top of the host of other outside positions he already has.  Not only does this move undermine people's confidence in the whole political system, it is a serious conflict of interest.  No politician should be the editor of a newspaper, let alone one with over 1.5 million daily readers and significant national influence".

"We demand that Osborne resigns as an MP when he takes this role so the people of Tatton can have a dedicated full time MP, rather than the part time MP they clearly currently have".

The Tatton Lib Dems have today started a petition for local people to sign to show their opposition.  Please click on the link below to sign:


Paper copies of this petition will be placed in a variety of public places across the constituency and the party will be canvassing door to door on this matter in the coming weeks.


VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

VICTORY! - 4 Hours Of Free Parking Agreed At Knutsford Hospital

Cheshire East NHS Trust are planning to impose parking charges on visitors to Knutsford Community Hospital from April 2015. The hospital is used by many residents with chronic health conditions that require regular tests, meaning some people could pay large amounts in parking charges over the year. It amounts to a tax for being ill. Furthermore, all revenue from fines imposed goes to ParkingEye, the contractor managing the site, not the hospital.