Petition : Cheshire East - Pay The Living Wage


This election Gareth Wilson will be campaigning for everyone in Cheshire East to be paid the Living Wage. Currently set at £7.85 in Cheshire, the Living Wage is calculated as the bare minimum someone should be paid to be able to afford life’s necessities like food, housing and heating. 5 million people in Britain such as care workers and support staff for vital services are paid less than the Living Wage, the majority of them women.


Economic conditions are now ideal to increase the minimum wage gradually to match the Living Wage over the next Parliament. 

Inflation is extremely low (in fact some inflationary pressure added to the economy could avoid deflation), employment is high, growth is strong, yet wage growth has remained stubbornly low. 

We believe, compared to previous recoveries, lack of trade union representation combined with the proliferation of casual, part time and zero hours contract work has eroded the ability for low pay workers to bargain effectively with employers to increase their wage.  Without government intervention we will continue to pay the poorest in society too little to have a decent standing of living.   This is particularly true for part-time workers who do not make enough to benefit from the rise in income tax threshold.

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At the launch of his campaign Gareth said "Two thirds of care workers in the UK earn less than the Living Wage of £7.85, its a travesty we pay some of our hardest workers so little.  the Living Wage would pull thousands of people out of poverty, reduce spending on benefits and boost demand for UK goods and services"

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