Autumn Activities

We're preparing for the local elections which will happen next May, perhaps a snap general election which could happen any time, and even a second referendum, which can't happen soon enough.

This is all going to take money. So to raise funds we're running a set of evening talks, with cheese and wine.  These will be on a mixture of political and non-political topics and  are open to members and non-members alike. 

The first 3 are:

September 28th Archaeology from the Air by David Woolliscroft. 

Aerial photography is revealing new and unexpected features of the buildings and settlements of ancient British people, often unsuspected from tradiational ground-based studies, and this year's long dry summer has produced a whole sheaf of new revelations.

Dr Wooliscroft is a pioneer in this field, and he will talk about his researches - how they are done and what they tell us.

October 26th The North West and the Liberal Democrats by Jackie Pearcey

The North West has seen historic campaigns that forged the Liberal Democrats - Warrington South in 1981, Ribble Valley in 1991, Littleborough and Saddleworth in 1995 - into a radical party with a reputation for effective pavement politics, of being open to its individual members, and with a strong European ideal which totally opposes Brexit.

Jackie Pearcey is Chair of the North West regional party. Although most of her campaigning has been in Manchester - she has been councillor for Gorton and fought the by election that never was there - she knows Knutsford well: she has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and has worked for BNFL.

November 23rd PLANCK and the Big Bang by Althea Wilkinson

The PLANCK satellite has completed its mission - mapping the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, the relics of the Big Bang, with a precision greater than anything achievable from earth - even by the Lovell telescope.

Althea Wilkinson was project manager for the satellite. She will talk about the planning, the launch, and the survey, and what we've learnt from it about the earliest moments of the universe.


These will all take place  on Friday evenings in the Rajar Room in Mobberley. The Rajar Buiding is on Town Lane, the B5085, on the left if you're coming from Knutsford or on the right if you're coming from Wilmslow.

Cheese and wine will be provided from 7:30. The talk will start at 8:00 and finish at 9:00, with an opportnity for discussion afterwards.

Details and tickets (£10 - book in advance, please) are on our  Events page.... 


Tatton Lib Dems respond to the London Bridge attack

The Tatton Lib Dems are shocked and appalled at the brutal incidents reported overnight in London. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and our emergency services.

Tatton Lib Dems respond to the Manchester Arena terror attack

We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the friends, families and loved ones of those affected by last night’s bombing at the MEN arena in Manchester. Last night someone committed a crime against humanity and once again it brought out the best and not the worst in us, as the people of Manchester opened their homes and their hearts to those in need. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you all at this sad time.

Cheshire East Liberal Democrats speak out on education funding

We welcome reports that the Tories are going to rethink their unfair funding formula but the timing, during a general election without proper scrutiny, is deeply cynical and we will carefully examine whatever proposals they do come up with.

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Tatton Lib Dems: We’ll fight Brexit McVey With Local Champion

Tatton Liberal Democrats will use Esther McVey's support for hard-Brexit, divisive record in government, and her lack of any links to the constituency to fight her at the upcoming general election.

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We're ready to fight Brexit!


 Record Turnout At Lib Dem Adoption Meeting

Whilst the snap election called by Theresa May last week left Tatton Labour and Conservative parties scrambling for a suitable candidate the Liberal Democrats have shown full support for their Tatton Candidate Gareth Wilson.

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Tatton Lib Dems Call On Tatton Conservatives To Reject Theresa May's Brexit Manifesto



The Tatton Liberal Democrats have written to the Tatton Conservative Association urging them to reject Theresa May's hard Brexit manifesto and instead pledge to protect the local economy by keeping Britain in the single market.  

Theresa May is expected to include her Brexit negotiating priorities in the Conservative snap election manifesto in an attempt to lock all Conservative candidates into supporting a hard Brexit. These are set to include a pledge to withdraw from the single market, end the free movement of people in the EU and end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. 

Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson Gareth Wilson has written to their Tatton Conservatives Chairman Don Hammond, stating they should stand by their principles and select a candidate who will stand on an alternative pro-European platform, including fighting to keep Britain in the single market and defend the right to remain for the 2000 European citizens living in Tatton.

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Game On! - Tatton Lib Dems Welcome The Snap Election


People in Tatton should vote for the Liberal Democrats to prevent a hard Brexit and protect the local economy, the party’s local Chair has said today.

The Liberal Democrats are standing on a clear platform to prevent a hard Brexit by staying in the Single Market, and to give the British people the final say on the Brexit deal through a referendum.

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Osborne - RESIGN. Sign Our Petition


The Tatton Liberal Democrats are staggered that George Osborne believes he can be an effective MP whilst being the editor of major newspaper and should resign as MP for Tatton when he takes the role.

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#LibDemFightBack Continues With Stunning Local By Election Wins


 The Liberal Democrats are the only party that made council seat gains in 2016, with a stunning set of results continuing into 2017.

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